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Cream Collection Salts Berry Pops Ejuice

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Berry Pops eJuice by Cream Collection Salts features a culinary masterpiece: a vanilla cake pop, stuffed with wild berries and coated with rich vanilla frosting! Let your taste buds go wild in your clouds, savoring the delicious fusion of fruits and desserts with every puff! Have your cake and berries all-day long in this sensation creamy vape juice!

Brand: Cream Collection | Bottle Size: 30mL | Nicotine:35mg/50mg | Flavor Type: Dessert

Cream Collection Berry Pops Ejuice Description

Enjoy one of Cream Collection's finest desserts in e-liquid form: cake pops! But not just any cake pops. We've stuffed this mouthwatering treats with all the berries and vanilla your taste buds desire! Our delectable dessert begins with a rich vanilla cake base, crafted with warm vanilla, pure cane sugar, soft butter, and fluffy egg whites. Right before the cake batter is poured into a pan, we toss in several handfuls of ripe berries. Sweet raspberries, wild blueberries, sunkissed strawberries, and sultry blackberries give the cake a pop of color and a burst of fruit flavor. The cake is then gently placed in the oven, where it bakes in low heat for several hours.  

The warm cake is set on the counter to cool, and once it does, it's time for the fun to begin! The vanilla and berry cake is crumbled into pieces, and gets doused with several cups of cold frothy milk. Once the cake and milk have been stirred together and are fully combined, the milky cake crumbs are shaped into little 1" spheres. A long lollipop stick is gently pushed into the center of the cake pops, allowing for easy munching and dipping. Which brings us to the final step in this delicious culinary creation: the icing! Each cake pop is dunked into a bowl of melted frosting, coating the cake pop with warm and sugary goodness. Once there are several layers of the sweet vanilla icing on each ball, we stuff the coated cake pops into a 30mL bottle. Enjoy the delicious flavor of warm vanilla, creamy cake, and ripe berries one very cloud, thanks  to Berry Pops eJuice by Cream Collection Salts!

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