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Mystery Grab Bag

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Mystery Grab Bag by Ejuice.deals offers a fun way to try out new flavors, without spending hours deciding on what flavor you should select to try next! Let us take the frustration out of online shopping and we’ll send a complete mystery!

Simply choose your Mystery Bag size: 100ml+ contains 100ml or 120ml, 200ml+ contains 4x60ml or 2x100ml or 2x120ml or any variation, 300ml+ contains 5x60ml or 3x100ml or 3x120ml or any variation and you’ll be kept in suspense until you receive your package, when finally the mystery will be solved!

Choose between 3 size options:

  • 100ml+ For $9.99 - (at least 100ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles
  • 200ml+ For $15.99 - (at least 200ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles
  • 300ml+ For $19.99 - (at least 300ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles

*You will receive a variety of brands and flavors, these may come in a combination of bottles sizes, but you are guaranteed to receive the minimum milliliters of the size option you choose.

For example, you may get 2x120ml bottles (240ml) for the 200ml+ option or 2x120ml & 1x 100ml bottles (340ml) for the 300ml+ size option and so on. 

Mystery Bag Full Description

What makes Mystery Grab Bag by Ejuice.deals so great? Sometimes there’s just too many flavors and not enough time. Sometimes you’re bored with your normal flavor and you want to try something different, but don’t know where to start. Instead of spending hours browsing our endless eliquid collection, simply select the Mystery Grab Bag option and head to checkout! This fun way of getting a new bottle of ejuice offers a literal mystery of what could you possibly get? Instead of looking at it fearfully and dreading that you might get a flavor you don’t like, look at it this way: choosing a mystery grab bag is a great way to expand your horizons of flavor, in that you’re getting a new flavor for an excellent bargain!

The mystery and the suspense will keep you impatiently waiting by the door until your package arrives! Think of all the possibilities that you might get, and amuse yourself by dreaming of what it could be! For a mystery even Super Sleuth Sherlock Holmes can’t solve, choose Mystery Grab Bag by Ejuice.deals and keep your vape taste buds in suspense until you receive your package and solve the mystery.

Ejuice.deals is one of the largest and most reputable websites in the vaping industry. By offering a Mystery Grab Bag, we keep their customers curious and entertained with what possible flavor we could have selected to delight their vape taste buds. Overwhelmed with what to choose? We here at Ejuice.deals are here to help!

Customer Reviews
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Jose Gonzalez


Richard Adams

still waiting for it to show up it’s been 15 days now n still haven’t received my order

Joe Smith
Suh Dew

Tired of getting this. It stinks for me. Gotten 3 in a row.

Charles B.
Product as described and timely.

Product as described and timely. Thank you!

Jennifer H.
I got the $19.95 grab

I got the $19.95 grab bag. 6mg this time (I usually get 3mg but always get very similar brands and flavors so I wanted to see if I’d get something different!). I got:
120ml: Nude PSC (pineapple strawberry coconut)—so yummy!
120ml: Fresh n Sour Strawberry Shocker (my favorite!)
120ml: Fixx-e liquid Milky Shake (I’m so over this brand. I get something from this brand every time I order a mystery bag and it’s just a weird brand. Everything I’ve gotten from them in mystery bags, which has been 4 120ml bottles now, has had the same weird aftertaste that I don’t care for. Previous orders in 3mg, I got Lemon Cheesecrank and I can’t remember the other one but I got two of the same and it was equally meh)

All in all, I much preferred the flavors of the 6mg mystery bag!!! The 3mg were always baked goods flavors which aren’t my favorite. But you can’t go wrong here with the price. You just won’t find these prices anywhere else. If you don’t really care all that much what flavor you get, I highly recommend these mystery bags!

I will continue ordering 6mg bags and see if I get more fruity flavors, which are my favorite! The Nude one was a nice surprise. They have great products!!!

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